wtorek, 11 marca 2014

The story

As you all know whe had been witnessing an extremely hard week of winter this year.
During this time I took a bus and  I was heading home for the weekend as usual.
I remember it was absolutely freezing outside that day. There was an extreme blizzard with a very strong wind. The roads were nearly invisible. The foregoing weather anomalies put as through hell. We stuck in the middle of nowhere. Everyone was absolutely devastated. At first we were waiting for some help. We were hoping for a replacement bus or a plow. After few hours we understood there was no soap for it.
I'll never forget how absolutely starving I was! Furthermore I was frozen to the bone.
The driver along with some boys started to dig up the bus.
I must admit that was really tremendous act of bravery for me.
After five hours we were able to move. Unfortunately the road was extremely crowded so we were driving very slow for most of the time.
I was at home after ten hours of really memorable 'journey'. I was absolutely exhausted but really estatic at the same time.

poniedziałek, 10 marca 2014

I must admit I wasn't really interested in Oscars nominations this year.
Probably it's because i didn't watch the majority of nominated films.
The only exeption are " 12 years a Slave" and "Captain Phillips".
As to the first one, "12 years a Slave" I was definitely impressed by it!
This movie isn't easy to watch, and it shouldn't be because it explores the implications and legency of slavery.  The cumulative emotional effect is devastating.
When it comes to 'Captain Phillips' enchanted with acting skills. Tom Hanks gives the performance of a lifetime. Nevertheless, the crowing glory of this movie is due to Berkhant Abdi. As far as I'm concerned this was his first role in the movie, but regardless that he was spectacular! :)

niedziela, 19 maja 2013

Who insipires me

The person who inspires me is Władysław Bartoszewski. Above all he went through a lot of difficult things in life-he has survived Auschwitz and he was a member of the Warsaw Uprising. Despite these rough experiences he is a great man today. His advanced age did not affect his presence of mind, openness, and incredible tolerance for others. He is a person who definitely has his own opinions but as well as a respect for people's beliefs. Moreover he stands out from the crowd thanks to his unprecedented intellect. I think that in this day such people are very important, because their are the role models for young people.

wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2013

mobile phone.

I believe that phones are a little tricky. Why? Because it's really easy to get into trouble or goof up because of them. I can't call the exact events to mind, but I remember that many bloop caused by an unfortunate use of the phone happened to me. For example I was talking with my friend about other girl, or guy and I sent the text to our 'object of interest'. I must say such a situation is really a banana skin. It also happend that I sent a text massage to my mother instead of my friend or boyfriend. It was quite funny.

wtorek, 26 marca 2013

A story a friend told me yesterday

My friend-Sarah spun an interesting story yesterday. Her cousin-Susan asked her round to watch a chick flick. She was bored to death, so she relished meeting up with her. The weather was awful, as the sky clouded over, she had to resign from going there on foot, so her father dropped her off in front of her couisn's house. On a spot she found out that Susan had also invited her friend from school. She came across as a very nice person. The had a great fun, but Sarah had to go back earlier to finish her homework. She tried to contact her father but she couldn't get through. Therefore she decided to get back on foot. She was going through the side street when she heard a unsettling noice. She scouted around, but there was nothing in her sight. She tried to calm down and forced the pace. Way off in the distance she heard constantly recurring noise. Before the entrance to the house she scoped the stree out and she beheld.... a cat! Small lovable cat! She took it home of course. ;) Now the cat is her best friend and its name is Shadow.

czwartek, 14 marca 2013

'A day in Jared and Jensen's Life'

I'm really keen on fantastic movies and ghost stories. So it's no surprise that one of my favorite series is Supernatural. Recently I've watched 'A day in Jared and Jensen's Life' ( actors playing the main characters). In this short movie we can see how they work on the set, or rather how much fun they have there. :) In my opinion they are hilarious. Jansen admitted that they had a great time together. He also said they got along well with the crew. Jared said that they had a make up time, because the crew had to make them pretty. ;p He joked he loved eating candy and that was a happinnes for him.

A peculiar dream

Five Card Story: peculiar dream

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Yesterday I had a dream. It was Halloween, I remember all the getups on young people walking and shouting 'Trick or treat'. Pumpkins on window sills and stairs of the houses.
It seemed that it will be quite a pleasant dream....
All at once a giant dinozaur appeared on the street. It was roaring and destroying all around. Things got out of hand.
I saw a boy trapped inside a car out of the corner of my eye. I wanted to help him, but out of the blue I was standing on the platform of railway station. I was completely ruffled.
The last thing I remember is a fiery sunset.